OHJGS Winter Meeting – Walton Heath 2016

The Winner of the 2016 Winter Meeting was non other than past President Dudley Stratford

In Second place was Christian Wimshurst (now cut to 6!)

Third and fourth places were taken by Patrick McGahan and Jeremy Waud

We enjoyed a memorable day at Walton Heath with a slightly misty start that ended in splendid December balmy sunshine  for our 3rd annual Winter Meeting – we were delighted that past president Dudley Stratford was delivered to the course by the otherwise absent Nick Budge  – The Treasurer Derick Fulcher having forgotten his charge for the day!! It was also great to see Simon Henkell out for the first time in some years.

We were delighted to award top honours to Dudley Stratford – at the ripe old age of (x) he managed to top score with 34 on Walton Heath’s very gruelling old course off the white tees!

In second place was ‘monster driver’ Christian Wimshurst on 33 points  and in third Patrick Mc Gahan on 32 , closely followed by Jeremy Waud with 31.

The guest prize went to Paul Davis – the more hardy types managed a visit to Jeremy’s cellar for an impromptu’lock in’ as seen below…………….

It was great to see Ian Pilcher who made a long journey to join us for lunch and to entertain us with his tales of walton Heath, Dunlop golf and Severiano Ballesteros!

All the Presidents men..