OHJGS  v  Old Canfordians – Stoneham Golf Club – Tuesday 18th July 2017

OHJGS  v  Old Canfordians – Played at Stoneham Golf Club

Tuesday 18th July 2017 –   Report from Rick Holgate –

  1. Derick Fulcher v  Ben Richards                                                                            Lost  4/3
  2. Dudley Stratford and Derek.Pitt   v   Steve Moore and John O’Neill            Lost  2/1
  3. Graham Negus and John Fraser v  Sam Richards and Richard Baxter        ½
  4. Roger Goodacre and Rick Holgate v  Roy Bayliss and John Dalton              ½


Overall   Result   Lost  3/1


We had an enjoyable but unsuccessful encounter against the Old Canfordians this year.

The course was in great condition and the weather was mainly OK.

Towards the end of the round there was a torrential downpour, with thunder and lightning.

The last 2 matches picked up, with these results a technical half.


If we had started an hour earlier we would all have got into the club house bone dry.

However, we had a congenial steak dinner with some good red wine. After this and some good conversation the bad weather was forgotten.