OHJGS v Old Aldenhamians

A slightly murky start for the October 2017 match against the Old Aldenhamians which set the tone for the rest of the afternoon dominated by light rain and clouds.

The golf however, was much brighter from our side and we completed a pretty comprehensive victory by late afternoon, not losing a match.

Despite a couple of tumbles by our side in the muddy conditions, all returned to the clubhouse intact albeit complete with a spectacularly muddy pair of shorts in one case!!

An excellent supper followed together with much bonhomie although it really is about time we got the trophy back we play for each year; perhaps next year Kit??

Thanks to the OA’s and Porters Park for hosting us. Roll on next year.

Result         OHJGS names first

  • Andrew Whitehead and Paul Ruddlesdin  V   Steve Lewis and Neil Melville    Half
  • John Waterfall and Rick Holgate V  Richard Morris and David Vezey              Won 1 up
  • Dudley Stratford and Nick Budge V  John Yule and Harry Cowtan                    Won 6/5
  • John Fraser and Graham Negus V   Ian Eggleden and Martin Jeens                  Won 3/2