OHJGS – June 2024 Mellin Competition.

Rick Holgate with Mark Baldock on the terrace and the ‘Senior Team’ – John Fraser, Derick Fulcher, Rob McCowen and Rick Holgate on day 1.

This tournament features 16 of the Halford Hewitt Schools and is a friendly but competitive follow on to the Hewitt, for the over 55 year olds, with two extra events for the over 65’s and over 75’s. The event was first played in 1960.

this year over two glorious days in glorious conditions the Hurst team enjoyed great teamship and fun with our friends from familiar schools, however overall, we had a disappointing outcome.

Day 1 saw the Peter Burles team(age group 65-75), represented by Rob McCowen, Derick Fulcher, John Fraser and Rick Holgate, all of whom were eligible to play in the more senior Bunny Millard competition (age group over 75). In both morning and afternoon rounds, against Lancing and Bradfield respectively,  they were unable to secure a win and, therefore, were not required on Day 2.

Day 2 saw the Mellin team (age group 55-65) represented by Jeremy Waud, Mark Baldock, Patrick McGahan, Paul Ruddlesdin, Steve Waud and Angus Stewart. A morning win only by Patrick and Paul saw us relegated to the afternoon Plate competition, where we came second to a strong Bradfield side and were, therefore, destined not to appear on Day 3.

in 2025 the event will take place between the 25th-27th June, with the over 65 and over 75’s playing on Wednesday and the main event being on Thursday 26th continuing for those who are in round 3 of the main event and round 2 of the plate onto the Friday. We have players in the younger age category who can represent us at the senior levels so we have room for new talent aged 55 plus- we know who you are, please sign up, its great fun!


Match report from Rick Holgate