OHJGS Fixtures Calendar 2019

MATCHES: It will help considerably if Members will apply early to the respective Managers for places in the sides and not wait to be asked. Please note that priority in matches will always be given to Playing members. for full details on entry please visit Match Entry.


Date Event Venue Applies To Arranged By Result
22/03/2019 23/03/2019 Halford Hewitt warm up Royal Cinque Ports and Royal St. Georges Team J.Waud Sign Up
11/04/2019 14/04/2019 Halford Hewitt Royal Cinque Ports and Royal St. Georges Team J.Waud Sign Up
24/04/2019 OHJGS v Eastbourne Walton Heath Team J.Waud Sign Up
08/05/2019 Spring Meeting West Sussex All R.McCowen Sign Up
11/05/2019 Grafton Morrish qualifying Knole Park Team D.Burstow Sign Up
23/05/2018 Jonathan Baldwin Goblet The Drift All D.Fulcher Sign Up
06/06/2018 Wimbledon putting – 1st Round Royal Wimbledon All R.McCowen Sign Up
TBA RAC Meeting 25th Anniversary RAC All G.Negus Sign Up
14/06/2018 Wimbledon putting – Final Royal Wimbledon All R.McCowen Sign Up
28/06/2018 OHJGS v College Pyecombe Team G. Negus Sign Up
17/06/2019 19/06/2019 Seniors Tour Norfolk Norfolk All I.Pilcher Sign Up
02/07/2019 OHJGS v Canford Stoneham Team R.Holgate Sign Up
11/07/2019 13/07/2019 The Mellin    over 55s West Hill Team R.Holgate Sign Up
02/08/2019 Summer Meeting Royal Ashdown All A.Fleet Sign Up
13/09/2019- 15/09/2019 Autumn Meeting TBA All Captain Timms Sign Up
22/09/2019 Sussex Schools West Sussex Team P.Turrell Sign Up
03/10/2019 06/10/2019 Grafton Morrish finals Norfolk Team D.Burstow Sign Up
10/10/2018 OHJGS v Aldenham Porters Park Team J.Fraser Sign Up
29/11/2019 Winter Meeting Walton Heath All & Guests Welcome J.Waud Sign Up