Halford Hewitt 2017

At the Public Schools Golf Society AGM and competition draw in London on 11th January, we were picked out of the hat alongside Edinburgh Academicals. We have played this really nice bunch of guys in recent years – most notably in our great Plate run of 2012 when we knocked them out at Princes in the second round and went to to be finalists!

The full draw sheet can been found on the Halford Hewitt web site at – http://www.halfordhewitt.org/2017_halford_hewitt_draw/

Sadly if we overpower Edinburgh we have the pleasure of Epsom or Watsons in round two – our record here is less flattering!!

at this stage we have a really strong turn out for the competition and pleasingly we are fielding not only new but also new and young players this year!


5th – 9th April 2017
Name Hcp
1 Paul Turrell 2
2 Dan Burstow 4
3 Jeremy Waud (o) 6
4 Richard Kelly 6
5 Christrian Wimshurst 8
6 Mark Baldock (Capt) 6
7 Chris Hobbs 5
8 Freddie Newmarch 8
9 George Atkins 5
10 Tom Fairfax 7
11 Russell Ogden 5
12 Mike Harrison 9
13 Nick Budge Sup
14 Rick Holgate (Sec) Sup
15 Dudley Stratford (c) Sup
16 Rob McCowen (a) Sup
17 Graham Negus (IPC) Sup
18 Jim Fawcett Sup
19 Derick Fulcher (b) Sup
20 John Fraser (PIPC) Sup

For our warm up event at Royal St Georges and Deal on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th March, we have some space if social players want to join in the two round warm up foursomes event? – so far we have the seven listed below and we have room and accommodation at the Kings Head in Deal for 12. A curry in Deal is also booked for the Saturday night – please let Jeremy know asap if you would like to join us?

1 Jeremy Waud
2 Dan Burstow
3 Chris Hobbs
4 Christian Wimshurst
5 Richard Kelly
6 Mike Harrison
7 Tom Fairfax

All the best and here is to another great golfing season


Jeremy Waud – Halford Hewitt Captain