Autumn Meeting 17-18 September 2021

The meeting started in the Dining Room at Royal St. George’s where an excellent breakfast was consumed before heading out to the 10th Tee. We were joined for the first time by 2 young OJ’s, Ed Fairfax and Ben Rigby. Ed managed to disguise his Veganism over the weekend as he didn’t want to starve.

We played the first set of foursomes under cloudless skies and barely a breath of wind. These conditions suited one of our George’s hosts, Adam Walker alongside Rob Huxford, who scored 33 points. The youngsters, Ed and Ben, weren’t overawed by the occasion and were second with 29 points.

The course was playing long and the rough was certainly not taking prisoners.

After a splendid lunch washed down with some fine Claret and one or two Kummels we headed out to the 1st Tee. Conditions remained calm and sunny which Captain Alex Fleet and Rick Holgate found to their liking. They scored 33 points and won on countback over Adam Walker and Sam Fulcher.

We headed back to Deal and congregated at Dunkerleys where we had a much needed dinner. The Bohemian seemed to be a popular venue after dinner.

We gathered at Royal Cinque Ports playing for the Piggott Boxes. Your Secretary managed to keep the Captain on the straight and narrow and managed 35 points. Derick and Sam Fulcher came in second with 33 points.

After lunch in the Jack Aisher Room we headed back to the 1st Tee to compete for the Etheldreda Cup. This was won by Jeremy Waud with an excellent 41 points. Alex Fleet was 2nd with 39 points and the good Doctor Angus Stewart came in 3rd with 38 points.

Due to the slightly different format this year, it was decided that the best aggregate score in the foursomes would win the Lowe Cup. This was Alex Fleet with 93 points from Rob Huxford and your Secretary on 92 points.

All in all this was an excellent meeting played in almost perfect conditions on two splendid courses. We hope to see Ben and Ed in the not too distant future.

We are extremely grateful to Adam Walker and Chris Boardman who helped sign us all in at George’s along with Waudo and Simon Clapham.

Thanks also to Alex for organising the event and providing funds for our wine at dinner. Thanks must also go to Patrick McGahan for arranging the Deal part of the event.

We wish our team well in the Grafton Morrish Finals in Norfolk early in October and our final event of the year will be the Winter Meeting at Walton Heath on 3rd December. Just sign up under Matches and Meetings.

Attendees: Alex Fleet, Patrick McGahan, Rick Holgate, Derick Fulcher, Simon Clapham, Jeremy Waud, Ed Fairfax, Ben Rigby, Rob Huxford, Andrew Heath, Angus Stewart, Graham Negus, Nick Saines (G), Sam Fulcher (G), Adam Walker (G), Chris Boardman(G).

We look forward to hearing our next year’s Captain, Will Carroll’s choice of venue.

Graham Negus Hon Sec 20th September 2021