2023 Autumn Meeting

A lucky few have just returned from an excellent weekend in Eastbourne.

Despite another pitiful turnout, those that supported the Society at the Autumn Meeting were treated to a very enjoyable couple of days on the Sussex Coast.

Our Captain, Matt Isepp, had worked very hard to arrange this meeting at two new venues and to be rewarded with only 7 attendees was disappointing to say the least.

We started at Royal Eastbourne on Friday morning playing for the Etheldreda Cup on the Devonshire Course. Despite the assurances of the Starter, the course was certainly more challenging than we were led to believe. The course was in excellent condition, despite the heavy overnight rain. Captain elect, Rob Huxford managed to pip your Secretary by a point with a score of 34 points.

We adjourned to the clubhouse for a tasty lunch before setting out again to compete for the Pigott Boxes in the foursomes. In a very tight competition Rob Huxford & Rick Holgate saw off  Ed Fairfax & John Fraser by a point.

After dusting ourselves down at the Lansdowne Hotel, we wandered round to Levels wine bar to sample some excellent Albarino. Whilst there, we were treated to an impromptu lecture on Charles Darwin and his Origin of Species from one of the locals. We then headed to Crus where an excellent meal was had by all. A few margaritas followed  before retiring back to the Lansdowne.

Saturday morning started with an excellent breakfast at Captain Matt’s Beach Kitchen cafe. This set us up superbly for the challenge of Willingdon GC which is undulating to say the least. We were delighted that OJ Mike Joly (Captain of Willingdon) was able to join us along with debutant Charlie Patey-Johns who managed a meagre 304 yard drive on the 18th. Again the course was in very  good condition and Ed Fairfax managed to keep your Secretary at arms length to win the Lowe Cup. Prizes were presented on the balcony terrace before we returned home.

Thanks go to Captain Matt for organising an excellent meeting. It’s such a pity that so few attended. This needs to change.

Attendees:- Matt Isepp, Rob Huxford, Derick Fulcher, Rick Holgate, John Fraser, Ed Fairfax, Charlie Patey-Johns, Mike Joly and Graham Negus.

Rob Huxford winning the Etheldreda Cup at Royal Eastbourne

Rick Holgate & Rob Huxford receiving their prizes for the foursomes from Captain Matt Isepp

Willingdon GC

Ed Fairfax (JLO) receiving the Lowe Cup from Captain Matt Isepp at Willingdon


Graham Negus 27th September 2023